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  • What do I wear to my photo session?
    What you wear is completely up to you, but I do love to help with styling! I have a complimentary Client Closet that is primarily for women at the moment, and everything in it is available to any of my clients! I find if you start with one person's clothing and then coordinate the rest of the clothing, it's a lot easier than trying to shop/put outfits together for everyone at once. I personally think that coordinating with a color scheme looks much better than having everyone in the exact same outfits. For example, choosing to have everyone wear "neutrals" (blues, black, grey, whites, tan, etc.) as opposed to having everyone wear jeans and a plain white tee. Implementing a variety of textures, colors, and patterns can be much more pleasing to the eye then having a group of people wearing the same outfits. One thing I ALWAYS recommend is to wear something you are comfortable in. I know we all love to dress a little "extra" for photos, but that doesn't mean our outfits need to be completely out of character and something we'd never wear again. You are going to feel your best in front of a camera if you feel comfortable in what you're wearing! It is completely fine to dress up for your photos, but make sure you love the way you look and feel in whatever that is!
  • Where will my photo session be?
    Great question! I have a list of favorite locations, and I am always scouting for new ones. The time of the year/season definitely play a part in this decision, but it is totally up to you! I have some clients who prefer to have me pick the location, and others who have locations they prefer and either is perfectly fine! I primarily work outdoors, and do not have a studio of my own. I prefer mostly unposed, lifestyle photos and therefore prefer to use locations that have plenty of space to move around. I do have a few indoor locations I use (when available) in case of unexpected weather that would lead to it not being safe/enjoyable to be outdoor. I also LOVE learning about new locations, so don't be shy if you want to try something out!
  • Are pets welcome?
    YESSSSSSSS! I LOVE including pets in photo sessions! I typically find it best to either start with the pets and then excuse them, or start without them and end with them in the photos. Like toddlers, pets can lose interest very quickly and get distracted easily.
  • What happens if my baby/child is not cooperative during the photo session?
    First off, take a deep breath and do NOT stress about your kids cooperating. I always do my best to get the kids to have a great time, and do excuse them to take a break if needed. For newborns, that might mean taking a break to eat. For toddlers, that might mean taking a break to run around. I am a mama, myself, and understand that kids don't always like having a camera in front of their face. Because I love capturing candid, honest moments, I think it works great to have kids running around and having a great time! If all else fails, and we have a teething baby who is miserable, a toddler who is just NOT having it, or it just isn't working, we can absolutely reschedule. It is so important that you love your photos, and that just won't be the case if we are forcing unhappy little ones to fake a smile.
  • Can my photos look like the ones I have saved on Pinterest?
    I love Pinterest! It's a great resource for inspiration, and I use it myself! You are welcome to send over any photos you'd like to have used for inspiration, and I will do my best to recreate it with my own style!
  • When will my photo session be?
    All outdoor photo sessions will take place about an hour before sunset, unless otherwise agreed. Because the sun sets at different times in different seasons, the time of the session will be dependent on when the sun is currently setting. Indoor photos take place when it is nice and bright outside-typically in the morning or around noon.
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