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Thank you so much for considering me in your search for a photographer! I'm Kay. 

Something you should know about me is my passion for photographing all things MOTHERHOOD. When I had my first baby, I gave my husband the job of photographing my labor and my sweet boy's delivery. I was heartbroken when the memory card from the camera disappeared during our transfer to another room, and that was the first time I realized how important it was to document such a precious, beautiful experience. 

Spoiler alert: I ended up finding the memory card months later! To have those photos and be able to look back on the birth of my baby boy was such a gift! And I get to provide that gift for so many mamas-beginning with documenting the moments between finding out their families are growing, then photographing the very moments their babes come earthside, and then freezing in time the teeniest little details of their babes. 

I truly value getting mamas in front of the camera because, as a mama myself, I know that it's so much easier to take pictures of the kids rather than with them. Photos are such a beautiful way to document memories and  milestones, and I am so honored to be able to do that.

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