Billings, MT, USA

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Welcome to my corner of the internet! If you're here, it probably means that you're looking for a photographer-thank you for considering me! As important as it is to know that you are a fan of your photographer's style, it's definitely important to know that you and the person you invite to document your memories mesh well! 

So, here's a quick introduction:

My name is Kaylee Parry-Kay for short (And no, Katy Perry is not my cousin, sister, or relative. I wish!) I was born and raised in Southern California and have lived in Montana since 2015. I have a husband, two little boys, a dog, and a cat. I am a Christ Follower, vegetarian, lover of animals, and a big nerd. If you follow me on instagram, you'll notice my FRIENDS inspired captions, and that's probably because I'm watching reruns any chance I get! All the pets I've had since being married have been named after Harry Potter characters, and once we run out of HP inspired names we will probably move on to another one of our favorite fandoms such as Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Firefly, The Office, Parks and Rec, or my guilty pleasure: Twilight. I enjoy board games, staying home and being with my family, occasionally attempting video games, and singing. 

I have enjoyed photography for over ten years, and although my style, skill, knowledge, and camera have evolved, one thing has not: my love for photographing people. Since becoming a mother and cherishing the photos and videos of delivering my babies and our first moments together, I have recognized just how precious each little moment is, and how important it is to document those little moments. While I enjoy photographing everything and everyone, I primarily focus on photographing growing families. My husband and I photograph engagements and weddings together, and I primarily focus on helping families document their pregnancies, births, and first moments with their little ones. 

Words that come to mind when describing my style are warmth, intimacy, and authenticity. I am a big fan of capturing that rich, Golden Hour light and pride myself on bringing out the most authentic smiles and having a great time at my sessions. I may prompt you to do some crazy-sounding, silly things, but I promise you will look amazing in the photos of you doing them! 

If you're looking for some to let-loose with, have a great time with, and laugh with while documenting such precious moments, I'm your gal! I'll give you photos of real smiles to hang on your walls and some fun memories to look back on when you see them.

Billings, MT, USA



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