Billings, MT, USA

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Here, you will find a list of the wonderful individuals that I have the pleasure of networking with. These are people that partner with me to create the best experience possible for all of you! 


This is my awesome team of makeup artists! If you'd like to have your makeup professionally done for a photo session, I would be happy to help you get that set up! All of these artists have a price exclusive to my photography clients, and booking one of them can be done through me!


Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist

Alyssa says, "I love bold, colorful makeup that pops! I will contour every inch of real estate on that face and make some queens!!" She loves fun makeup, but can also do light, natural makeup as well".


Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist

Tay says, "I specialize in bridal and special occasion. The looks that I create are definitely glam but have a wearable feel to them as well".


Makeup Artist

Tia says, "I specialize in bridal makeup. I'm very versatile in what I can do, but my absolute favorite looks to do are soft, glowing, and glamorous."


Makeup Artist

Alli says, "I love all styles of makeup, to whether it's from a natural look to something just a little extra, or going crazy and going full glam"!


Makeup Artists

Blush is a beauty boutique specializing in make-up and waxing, and is run by Elizabeth Dellwo.


Makeup Artist 

Taylor's motto is "Passion for empowering women through beauty and confidence. Striving to make clients happy and feel beautiful from the inside out".



Birth Doula 

Jessica says, "I support your birth preferences the way you define them. Whether that is birthing at a hospital, a birth center, or at your home. This also includes either with an ob or a midwife, epidural or unmedicated. I know this is your birth, and support your decisions. When you hire me you will learn ways to ease discomfort during labor, learn about the stages of labor, and feel confident about your birth. We will work closely together to help you have a positive birth experience. I am focused to spend adequate time with my clients. This is key for women to prepare physically, mentally, and emotionally for their new role as a mother. I honor each family's spiritual and cultural roots as they journey through pregnancy and birth".


If you are interested in networking together, I would love to hear from you!