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Photographers! KRI Client Closet is open for renting for your own sessions, local to me or not. 

$20 includes a single, seven day week. $10 will serve as a Damage Deposit that will be returned if no damage is done to the garment. Please read the information before placing your order. Submission of your order will serve as your agreement to the terms detailed. Upon receipt of your rentail order, I will also send a copy of the terms and conditions to your email. After agreement to the terms, your order will be processed and you will receive your item before the dates you are scheduled to rent it. 

  • Terms and Conditions

    No slip, undergarment, or accessories included. I would be happy to send additional images of the garment(s) and give recommendations for what should be worn underneath. 

    All rental fees are non-refundable and dates are non-transferable.

    A detailed contract with more information and instructions will be sent to sign after you pay. Keep in mind contracts are not sent until you reserve your spot with payment.

    Only the photographer who rents the garment(s) may use the garment(s) for his/her client(s). Any and all damage will be the photographer's responsibility to pay for. Please, no dragging the garment through dirt, mud, sticks, or rocks.

    If any damage is done to the garment, let me know immediately. Any damage will be documented and photographed. 

    The photographer who rents the garment is responsible for cleaning and drying the garment. I will send specific cleaning instructions according to the garment rented. 

    Garment will either be returned to me or forwarded to the next renter. I will give instructions before the return date. All shipping costs and materials are to be covered by the photographer who rents the garment. Return Shipping costs will vary, depending on the weight of the specific garment rented. Shipping costs from me to you will be a flat rate. When sending the garment, the renter is required to add a signature confirmation. If the garment is sent without a signature confirmation and a problem arises because of this, it is the renter's responsibility. If garment is returned late, renter agrees to pay a fee per day that it is late. The garment must be shipped out on the last day of the rental period with Express Shipping (or earlier). 

    *Photos of the garment from each angle must be sent to me before returning/forqarding. 



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